ROSCIANI Double-cassotto-Master-midi-package (m...

ROSCIANI Double-cassotto-Master-midi-package (musette)

ROSCIANI Double-cassotto-Master-midi-package (musette)

A Stunning example from this world class Italian manufacturer.In absolutely pristine condition.2007 Ex Factory Midi model Master Star with midi control on instrument.Imported by Magic Music.Factory fitted treble and bass microphones.Smooth deep 1x16`Bassoon with 2x8`1x4`reed in treble.Vibration tuning.The MASTER STAR MIDI features a powerful easy-to-use latest MIDI control system.All manual controls are located on the grill,with fast access to all functions.Separate swell pedal supplied,providing advanced midi controls.High-tec,compact size microcomputer based electronic boards fully enclosed inside the accordion .High quality condenser-type pickups and preamplifier provide amplification of the accordion reeds. Main Programmable midi features: + PROGRAM CHANGE,CONTROL + CHANGE,RIGHT-OFF, + SEPARATE VOLUME CONTROL + START-STOP DRUM, + CONTROL TIME, + DYNAMIC EXPRESSION WITH 3 AFTER-TOUCH CONTROLS, + OCTAVE UP-DOWN, + TRANSPOSER, + MIDI IN, + OPTIONAL BASIC AND MIDI CHANNELS. Advanced Double dynamic features: + Bellows Expression Sensor. + Keyboard touch sensorOperation on up to 6 Midi Channels at the same time-6 working sections,2x treble,2x chords,1x bass,1x“Utility” section. + Volume Level Scaling control for each section, by means of a potentiometer on front panel. + Sound selection by means of push buttons on front panel + Led display for easier control of operations + Up to 130 user memories for storing custom configurations.


Roland RA-50



The RA-50s' 'intelligent' Arranger section automatically produces a tasteful accompaniment.The Roland RA-50 gives you high quality synthesizer sounds, reverb sounds, automatic accompaniment performance etc.Resulting in a powerful one man band system. It features excellent functions and therefore can be used by inexperienced and professional alike.The use of drums,bass,and other instruments ie (piano, percussion,and horns ) are based on the chord you play and the music style you choose.32 preset music styles, which each feature an additional variation, are provided. You can also choose between 'basic'or'advanced' versions of these styles, giving you 128 (32 styles x 2 original/variation x 2 basic /advanced different accompaniment possibilities).You can add other creative variations to an arrangement using the fill in function which lets you switch smoothly between a music style or its variation after a fill in pattern is played. By pressing 'To original button', the style changes back to the original style after another fill in is played. A break function lets you stop the performance for a single measure to perform your own fill-ins in real time To begin or complete your arrangements with a professional touch you can use the RA-50's built-in intro and ending functions.'Chord intelligence'function allows you to play full chords with just one or two fingers.'Chord hold' sustains a chord on the lower.'Sync start' will let you start the performance automatically when you press a note.Eight programmable user programs are provided for creating your own customized combinations of parameters for use with different songs or arrangements. Each user program stores settings for upper and lower tones, music styles, tempo, level balance, effects and other functions,and can be accessed instantly by pressing a single button at any time during a performance.The RA-50 also provides a 'melody intelligence' function which creates block chords for accompaniment based on the melody and bass note. Additional styles are available on Roland's optional library of Music Style cards ( TN-SC1 and TN-SC2 series )


Peavey KB/A 15


Basically self-contained, compact sound systems, the KB® series amps are perfect for voice, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, drum machines and backing machines. Features # 20 watts of clean Peavey power # 8 inch extended range speaker # Two separate channels # 2-band EQ per channel # Headphone out # Weight Packed: 21.00 lb(9.525 kg) # Width Packed: 13.12 # Depth Packed: 19.5 # Height Packed: 18


Accordion Details

* Double Cassotto

* 41 Treble Keys

* Treble reeds L.M.M.H.

* Hand made reeds

* 120 Bass

* Bass reeds 5

* Bellows protection pad

* Midi cables.



Roland RA Expander.

* Roland RA User Manual

* Peavey KB/Amp.

* Leather Italian shoulder Straps

* Bespoke case.