SONOL SS 20 JAZZ (Double cassotto Jazz )

SONOL SS 20 JAZZ (Double cassotto Jazz )

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The Symphony Hall

Sonola  SS 20

 Double Cassotto - Jazz Box

With out question one the finest purpose made Jazz accordions ever.


It is difficult to find the right words that can explain the quality of Sonola

in the manufacturing of this  wonderful  instrument.

Needless to say ,everything about it is the very best.Currently having completly been overhauled in my workshops.

With BINCI best quality reeds you will not find a better quality dynamic pro instrument,

these instruments have the tonal qualities obtainable only from matured walnut and other hard woods

and can not be reproduced in a new instrument.

Offered with a full warranty as befits an instrument of this quality.

If you wan`t to know more please feel free to contact me!


Sonola finest bespoke BINCI Hand made Reeds.

Extended Double Tone Chamber ( Double Cassotto)

Patent Double Axle Glissando Keyboard

4 Sets of BINCI Hand Made Treble Reeds 16`8`8`4`)

Tone Chamber (16`8`)

 5 Sets of Bass Reeds

120 Bass buttons

10 Treble couplers

9 Bass Couplers

Deep Fold Bellows

Bespoke Case or Gig bag

Bespoke Leather Shoulder straps

 tel (44) 0207 289 8072

 cellphone (44) 07956 692630




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